eWork or Metastorm or OpenText MBPM: Unable To Create Mail Connector

When the Engine tries to send mail using SMTP, the following error message is written to the Windows application event log: "Unable to create mail connector".

  1. Verify that the mail connector string, HKEY\_LOCAL\_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Metastorm\\e-work\\Engine\\MailConnector\\Connector, exists in the registry and is correct. Check the Administration Guide for details.
  2. Verify that the file ESMTPConnectorMgr.dll exists in the directory :\\Program Files\\Metastorm e-Work\\Engine. If it doesn't, copy it into the directory from the e-Work CD or from another server and register it using RegSvr32.
  3. Review Metastorm Knowledge Base article kb497, 'Configuring SMTP on an e-Work Server'.


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