How to unlock folders and change the folder lock timeout with OpenText MBPM

Whenever you open an action on a folder (a folder isn't locked when it is opened on a stage) it becomes locked to you and this prevents other users from submitting the folder while you are working on it. A folder will automatically unlock when you user submit or cancel the form. However, if you close the page instead of cancelling (hitting the X button in the browser) then the folder will remain locked until the timeout is reached. By default, the Folder Lock Timeout is set to 60min.

The MBPM administration tools can be used by a MBPM administrator to unlock folders and to change the folder lock timeout. MBPM version 9.x has a web based MetastormAdministration site while previous versions had a Services Manager fat client installed by the MBPM installer. Below are instructions on how to unlock folders and change the timeout in both versions.

Version 9.x

In the MetastormAdministration site, go to the Repository tab. Expand the Metastorm Repository to see the FolderLockTimeout as shown below:

To unlock individual folders, drill down to the process and use the unlock button as shown below:

Version 7.x

You can use the metastorm Services Manager to clear folder locks and change the lock timeout. Right click on the "Metastorm Database" and connect. Once connection, right click again and you'll have the below options:

You can also drill down into individual stages of maps and select individual folders (like that “Flight 002” folder just under the menu above) to unlock them manually.

Note that in both versions you can manually edit the eServer.eFolderLockTimeout in the database but this will require a restart of the engine to pick up the changes. you can also see if a folder is locked by checking the folder's eFolder column. A folder is "locked" when the eActionName, eActionUser, and eActionTime are all set to a value. The eActionTime is used to determine if the timeout has been reached.


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