In OpenText MBPM, how do you configure Metastorm Web Client for https?

Part 1: Creating https bindings

1. Open IIS Manager.
2. Select "Default Web Site".
3. Under Actions pane, click on "Bindings..."
4. On this dialog box, click on Add button.
5. From "Type:" dropdown, select https.
6. For "SSL Certificates", select certificate you created in Part 1.
7. Click OK button, and click on Close button to close the dialog.

Part 2: Associating SSL certificate with Metastorm website

1. Open IIS Manager.
2. Under Default Web Site, select a site you want to associate SSL certificate with.
3. After selecting the website, on right hand side, double click on "SSL Settings".
4. On "SSL Settings" page, check "Require SSL" check box.
5. For "Client certificates:", select "Accept" radio box, and click on "Apply" button under Actions pane.

Part 3: Changing EngineServiceConfig.XML for https

1. Open EngineServiceconfig.XML which is located in \..\Metastorm\BPM\IIS extensions folder, and change this to https.


<Engine Name="Engine1">
<Transport Type="Remoting">

Note: Please make sure that in above change, you mention FQDN as you see in your SSL certificate in IIS. If you write this without FQDN, you will get No Engine Service error while logging into Metastorm Web Client.


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